Friday, November 14, 2014

The SciFi Geeks Club #30 - Ryan Murphy

On this, the 30th meeting of The SciFi Geeks Club with guest geek Ryan Murphy - What else to expect when a major Marvel movie hits home.  A certain sequel finally gets a name.  Another major author is coming to  a well known movie channel.  Why you should plan a trip to Iowa.  And, Syfy shows us their stuff.

Guest Geek - Ryan Murphy  -

Guardians of the Galaxy Blu-Ray Features Released Early!

Star Wars: Episode VII's official title has finally been revealed.

* HBO Will Make Asimov's Foundation with Interstellar's Jonathan Nolan.

* University of Iowa To Digitize Science Fiction Collection.

* SyFy channels Nolan and Battlestar with Ascension.

*  More stories...

The Fantastic Four Reboot Is Reinventing Doctor Doom In The Worst Way.

Big Hero 6 Beats Interstellar At The Box Office.

Iron Sky sequel trailer is here!

Marvel Comics reveals the return of Battleworld as its major 2015 event.

Mark Wahlberg has officially been cast as Steve Austin in the Six Million Dollar Man.

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